Wireless Video Alarm Verification System

Videofied is an intrusion detection system that is professionally monitored for immediate video verification of the alarm and priority police response to the intrusion.

Feature and Benefit to Owners:

  • As an upgrade to existing burglar alarms, Videofied smoothly integrates to the current burglar alarm to enhance an existing system with video Alarm for faster police response.
  • For new installations, Videofied offers a complete standalone system with keypads, sirens, door contacts and other peripherals. Wireless installation, cost effective, faster police.
  • Wireless Videofied sensors can be installed wherever sensors/cameras are needed.
  • Video verification of a burglary means faster police response to a crime – The sooner law enforcement officers arrives on scene, the less time intruders have to inflict injury, steal or damage property.
  • Faster response times lead to more arrests and lower insurance claims.
  • No wires to cut. Reliable wireless performance means that even if the Motion-Viewer is removed by an intruder, it can continue transmitting video for police response.
  • Videofied’s offers Secure Wireless Communications to Make Alarms Secure C/w:  AES encryption between the panel and devices, AES encryption between the panel and central monitoring station, continuously changing, dynamic encryption keys, Military-grade, spread spectrum prevents radio jamming and interference and Bidirectional, error-checking RF communications.
  • A traditional alarm system notifies you that a sensor was tripped, but can’t verify who or what tripped the alarm. Videofied MotionViewers send a short video clip every time the built-in PIR motion sensor is violated, providing immediate verification to the operator at the central monitoring station and enabling Priority Response from the police to make an arrest and stop the intruder.
  • The entire Videofied system is wireless and capable of running on batteries, so it can be installed anywhere there is cellular reception. Control panels communicate to monitoring stations over the 3G/4G cell network or a wired Ethernet connection. For remote sites where, cellular signal may be weaker, a directional Yagi antenna kit is available.
  • You don’t need to purchase additional lighting. MotionViewers have built-in infrared illuminators with an outdoor range of 30 feet, and an indoor range of 23 feet
  • If theft of the system is a major concern, remember that the devices don’t require wiring or power; they can be installed in subtle locations. Even if someone approaches an armed MotionViewer, the event is captured and transmitted to the panel, which may be hundreds of feet away.
  • No. Advanced algorithmic technology in the PIR means the MotionViewer doesn’t trip on rain, snow or lightning, except in extreme cases.
  • The Videofied sensors system works to find an open lane to transmit the message/video of the alarm.
  • 24/7 monitoring of protected areas with no electricity required (only lithium ion batteries)
  • Completely wireless – no cables to run, and can easily be moved to alternative locations.
  • Motion-Viewer sends 10-seconds video clip to monitoring station, and cellphones etc
  • The system works on the GPRS network for easy wide coverage (not radio system)
  • Intrusion and/or fire alert are sent to cell phones (text and calls) and e-mail of designated personnel within 60 seconds of the illegal intrusion or fire outbreak
  • Emergency help alert sent to police, fire service, etc., within 60 seconds of signal
  • Online and cellphone remote monitoring from remote site locations
  • Each panel can power up to 19 devices up to 1.4km range (ideal for large complexes)
  • Weatherproof and tamper-proof (functions between -30°C to +60°C, and panel conducts system-wide integrity checks every 8 minutes, and also checks in with monitoring station)
  • System can be remotely armed and disarmed (100m) and from the monitoring station
  • 2-way voice communication to talk to person at site of emergency
  • Monitoring station saves video of alarm for 7 years

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