Who we are

Established on the 7th of March 2000, Linkstride Security Systems Ltd aims to provide top-quality security and safety engineering standard in Nigeria; with special emphasis on Asset Protection, Crime Anticipation, Prevention and Control.

Our Mission

To advance the standard and culture of dependable, reliable and durable security and safety solutions in Nigeria and its environs.

Our Vision

To be the preferred security and safety engineering company in Nigeria, based on our merit and professionalism.

Our Core Values

Team Work

We see every employee as a stakeholder in the business, treating them with respect, purpose, accomplishment, responsibility, knowledge, fairness, openness, and trust, with rewards for creativity and excellence. We work as a team, depending on each other with committed and passionate “STRIDES” to “GREATNESS”.


We conduct our business with integrity ad honesty by the highest industry standard to translate product knowledge into actions, actions into routine, routines into habit, and habit eventually becomes the nature in which we provide quality service to our customers.

Creativity and Innovation

We are open to new, better, and creative ways to serve our clients giving them the best experience per time. Our processes are based on openness and feedback, setting the best interest of our customers as our priority.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We interact with our community
by positively impacting with enhanced benefits from our services as it relates to the immediate and future needs and

With our over 20 years of working experience in the security and safety industry in Nigeria; we have over the years; maximized our trade and partnership relationship with a wide range of top security and safety equipment manufacturer’s worldwide; in our efforts and commitments to addressing our clients 21st-century security and safety challenges at a pocket-friendly price with money-back guarantees.

Our customers can testify to the quality of our products, the durability of our installations, the reasonableness of our prices, the neatness of our installations, our technical know-how and professional service delivery.

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