Time Attendance Management System

Capturing and Registering employees to eliminate “Ghost-workers”, Accurately ‘Time & Attendance” and to accurately capture employees work-rates, eliminates the possibilities of people / staff coming to work with ‘buddy punching’ or asking for fabricated overtimes, loss of wages, diverse work hours tracking and monitoring is now easy.


  • Automatic attendance management
  • Accelerates payroll processing directly from recording machine
  • User profile management to ensure a high level of security in system
  • Easy to manage and schedule shifts
  • Enables tamper-proof, simple & cost-effective data collection
  • Helps to clarify employee attendance discrepancies
  • Scalable and open system with option to integrate with payroll, HR, & ERP
  • Automatically calculates and summarizes worked hours, OT hours, bonus hours, lost hours etc
  • Shift Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Processing
  • Overtime Management

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