Screening Devices

Alpha 6

The Alpha-6 is designed to be the first tool when starting to search for explosive or un-wanted substances based on their unique and specific Molecular structures within an effective and practical range of 300 meters.

EVD® 3500+

This is a portable Hand-Held explosives trace detector with comprehensive explosive detection capabilities. It traces both particulates and vapors, allowing for non-invasive searches of luggage, mail, vehicles, documents and containers. Capable of detecting plastic and high vapor pressure explosives, giving clear results you can trust

Under Vehicle Search Mirror:

This is a portable inspection mirrors deployed to inspect vehicles wherever direct observation is not possible. The search mirror is with either a Trolley or Hand-held designs; built with unbreakable acrylic mirror or high durable glass. Lightweight but sturdy fittings make using the inspections mirrors simple to use and the adjustable mirror head permits access to the most difficult of areas etc

X-Ray Scanner Inspection Luggage Scanner

This is a state-of-art x-ray inspection system for scanning objects to delivery exceptional threat detection capabilities.

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