Quality Assurance

At LINK-STRIDE, we ensure the proper use of durable, effective and reliable brand of equipments in ensuring functional benefits of all installed security and safety systems, while pursuing continuous innovations and improvement in our approach, applications and use of defined security and safety systems.

Quality System

To provide a premier standard in our design, supply and integration of installed systems; consistent with international standard and practice.

Quality Manual

The Quality Manual is the foundation of our approach to meeting our client’s needs.Our QM defines mandatory conditions which includes ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’.

Management and employees follow these manual instructions strictly. Manual procedure describes ‘how’ standards defined in the Quality Manual should be implemented based on the following:

  • Purpose: The purpose of Implementing Quality System standards.
  • Inputs: Referenced documents for performing a task.
  • Procedures: Order and specification of tasks.
  • Deliverables: Evidence to identify the task should be performed.
  • Considerations: Exceptional or Considerable functions in performing our task relative to our desired output which is exactly equal to the defined input.

Deliverable is the electronic file results of the performed tasks defined in the Quality System. It consists of following:

  • Standard: Guidelines for using Forms and Templates.
  • Sample: Sample of Forms and Templates.
  • Forms/Templates: Forms and Templates for making out the deliverables.
Maintenance Plan

We guarantee after sales maintenance back-up to ensure optimal functionality of installed systems with a free two (2) weeks training period of all authorized operators / users.

LINK-STRIDE adopts a maintenance policy to cover all aspects of the customer’s need with their specific requirements. These services provide the Customer with the support to maintain and upgrade her system with the easiest possible means and methods.

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