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Rapier 35P Integrated 10x Zoom Cameras with High Power LED Illumination

Short description

The Rapier 35P range takes our compact ANPR cameras to new heights of performance in fixed and mobile applications. Rapier 35P incorporates high grade zoom camera technology, improved infrared pulsed LED design and multiprocessor control circuitry to provide an ANPR camera solutions for professional use in both fixed and mobile situations.

More details

Our Rapier 35P range of cameras all include an ANPR camera and integrated IR with or without an inbuilt overview camera alongside. Rapier 35P cameras have 10x zoom capabilities as standard to give exactly the field of view required, not limited by fixed focal length lenses. The zoom and focus capabilities can be easily preset and moved dynamically.

Rapier 35P Dual/Mono models support license plate recognition up to 25+ metres. For increased distance and illumination, the Rapier 55 models offer greater IR intensity to match challenging lighting and plate conditions. The Rapier range also includes standalone lighting units to provide additional illumination that is fully synchronised.

Rapier 35P models offer multi-level frame-by-frame variations that can provide high quality images from differing plate characteristics. High grade image quality from Rapier 35P delivers even better recognition capability to ANPR systems.

Rapier 35P inherits the high reliability, quality of build and long life for which Rapier cameras have become world renowned in the professional market

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