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Rapier 30 HD Compact HD Performance

Short description

The Rapier 30HD camera provides HD images of superb quality in a mobile or fixed environment. The high definition GigE camera module is synchronized to MAV’s upgraded maxIRange™ pulsed LEDs to offer superior license plate recognition to match the increased capture width that megapixel (MP) HD offers.

More details

The Rapier 30HD range offers a choice of either 2.0MP or 1.3MP models as a compact ANPR capture head with integrated illumination. These models provide digital ANPR images without any compression allowing every pixel to count. The 2.0MP model will capture license plates over a 10m width when reading EU plates whilst the 1.3MP model still captures plates within 7m of traffic lanes.

The Rapier 30HD is offered with a range of high quality fixed lenses for a choice of target distances with a preset focus that covers the full capture range.

Rapier 30HD uses a custom-designed bandpass filter and an improved bank of infrared illuminators for full-width multilane operation.

Rapier 30HD has been designed for ease of install on vehicles including use within lightbars and is fully hermetically sealed to IP68.