Our Key Products

Security Systems

LINK-STRIDE provides security systems such as access controlled doors, intruder alert, intelligent surveillance and public address systems. We understand the importance of having adequate security systems for protection; that is why we offer robust security solutions that meets the peculiar needs of our clients.

Building Management System

We offer exceptional building management systems that can integrate security systems, fire & alarm, access control, electrical, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Industrial Management & Process Control

LINK-STRIDE provides process manufacturers with a full range of industrial controllers, programmers, field instruments, recorders and allied components to control variables such as: temperature, pressure and flow.

Sensing & Control

Intelligent sensors provide precise & accurate measurements. We provide state of the art equipment from our partners that give an assurance of quality & reliability. These sensors are used for critical applications covering different industries. They measure pressure, temperature, current, humidity airflow, liquid level and much more.

Life Safety

The solutions covering life safety include fire detection & prevention systems, evacuation systems, time and attendance monitoring systems.The protection of life and property is of primary importance to LINK-STRIDE.

After Sales Management

We realize that delivering a service or solution for our customers is not enough. That is why LINK-STRIDE offers a comprehensive after sales service to assure and ensure that our customers enjoy continued systems integrity.

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