Intelligent Vehicle Access Control System (iVACS®)

Organisations around the world are raising security levels to protect their key installations and facilities from terrorist attacks. iVACS® Gen4 is the next-generation security system that empowers security and law enforcement agencies with an intelligent and automatic decision-support tool for total vehicle/personnel surveillance and access clearance control.
It automatically identifies under-vehicle anomalies by comparing the real-time captured image with that of a previous screening. Both the scanned and stored images are presented on the computer display to enable security personnel to verify, alert and rapidly respond to possible threats, for example, IED (Improvised Explosive Devices).
Flexible for a wide range of security applications, iVACS® Gen4 is available in three configurations (Embedded, Mobile & Robotics) to aid security agencies to conduct a quick and thorough inspection of all vehicle types. Embedded and Mobile iVACS® Gen4 are designed to inspect vehicles on-the-move to ensure high throughput of vehicles at the entry-point.

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