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Electric Fence Perimeter Protection System

The Electric Fence is an intelligent electric fence wiring system carrying high electric pulse voltage, which provides a non-lethal shock to an intruder. Tampering with the fence results in alarm activation, which could be an audible alarm or a warning flash light.

General Features of The Electric Fence

  • Fully aesthetic. Adding beauty to security.
  • Unbeatable height. Minimum of eight lines.
  • Non-lethal. It shocks, but does not kill.
  • In-built power backup. Minimum backup time of eight hrs.
  • Wired Remote Monitoring (On/Off/Reset) Via Keypad or Key Switch.
  • Fence Voltage and Earth Monitoring.
  • Open Circuit Output Voltage-7,000V to 10,000V pulse voltage.
  • Incorporated lightning Diverter Kit.
  • Siren/Strobe Light Relay Output for Audible and Virtual Alarm notification.
  • Networked energiser for easy programming and monitoring.
  • Remotely Monitoring via the Central Alarm Monitoring System