The New Dermalog Fingerprint Scanner



We offer the new Dermalog ‘finger login’ and ‘finger payment’ solutions customizable to meet customers’ requirements and implemented within the shortest period of time. Governmental organizations as well as public and private enterprises all over the world trust dermalog’s expertise and state of the art biometric products.

Our product range includes the following:

The LF10 is a Live Fingerprint Scanner for rolled fingerprints and tenprints, with integrated spoof and liveness detection.

DERMALOG ZF2 is a remarkably compact optical fingerprint scanner. Particularly suitable for two plain fingerprints at once or one single rolled fingerprint.

DERMALOG ZF1 is a Fingerprint Scanner combined with Smart Card Reader solution for any authentication system with integrated fingerprint biometrics based on smart cards!

DERMALOG F1 is the smallest optical plain fingerprint scanner highest quality features twice the storage space

DERMALOG FingerLogin is the first professional biometric solution designed for a high number of users, is capable of integration into networks of public authorities, companies and other organizations, such as hospitals or banks.

The ZF1 is also a Live Fingerprint Scanner developed for e-Passports & e-Ids. Globally it is used by public administrations.

Each fingerprint scanned by the ZF10 undergoes a complete analysis of spectral imaging and optical features. This prevents biometric systems from attacks with fake fingers – and even from deception by cut off fingers.

The DERMALOG LF1 fingerprint scanner is the latest and smallest addition to its biometric portfolio. Highest image quality and leading technical features make the LF1 your best choice – at the best price.

The perfect solution for national registration and automated border control especially suited for integration into eGates.

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