Over the years, study has not only proven the use of CCTV (Closed circuit surveillance System) to be the most cost effective method for crime prevention and detection; but as man’s best companion to investigating and preventing criminal tendencies; in the 21st century.

The installation of Closed Circuit surveillance system (CCTV) in your home, office, banks and other business concern etc makes effective and efficient monitoring of high-risk areas within the specified area or within a remote location possible.

With over 50 camera types and specification to choose from, selecting the right and most effective CCTV camera for each project is often the most critical part of any CCTV installation; since video “play-back’ is generally accepted as the major investment for any CCTV installation.

Our Commercial CCTV camera solutions can be designed to meet even the most demanding requirements as they likewise provide full connectivity with any on-site intruder or access control systems.
Our range of cameras includes the following Analogue and IP cameras:
– Vandal resistant dome cameras
– High quality bullet cameras
– Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras
– Patrolling cameras
– Number plate recognition cameras
– Site specific modular camera systems
– Our comprehensive range provides operational simplicity, whilst ensuring that no on-site activity goes unnoticed.

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