Burglary Alarms

This simply explains the use and integration of a wide range of detectors DEVICES with associated intelligent control panels – configured and designed to provide our customers and end users with an ‘Early Warning’ burglary alarm systems depending on the threat levels and vulnerabilities of our clients; to guarantee their desired peace of mind and safety.

We understand that home security can be confusing and requires careful consideration; which explains the reasons why our range of Detection and Control device is continually evolving and professionally designed with fantastic features including decoy covers, fully automated remote monitoring facility tailored to meet the most demanding security needs of our clients and budgets.

Burglary alarm systems included – The sales, supply, and installation of the following:

Hard-wired Veritas Texecom Burglary alarm panels and accessories – The Texecom Burglary Alarm System is an independent microprocessor 6-Zone Burglary Alarm Panel; developed for Home or Small Commercial security system; fully programmable via a separate 16-button keypad. One (1) Master and Two (2) user codes can be used to arm/disarm the system. The Texecom Intruder Alarm System is comprehensively built with every user in mind due to its ability to endure rugged climatic changes and environment.

ProVisor 1000 Capricorn Wireless / Hardwire burglary & fire alarm systems – This is a high performance, cost efficient and ‘addressable’ features explain the uniqueness of the ProVisor 1000 Fire and Burglary Alarm System – which combines both Fire and Burglary Activation Sensors, all in one Package. Its wireless capabilities make it a perfect choice for rapid deployment and installation on any existing building without breaking or defacing existing walls etc

Videofied wireless video alarm verification system – Can be installed anywhere there is a cell-phone signal – No need for power cords, phone lines or internet services that most construction sites and remote locations anywhere and place.


  • 24/7 monitoring of protected areas with no electricity required (only lithium-ion battery
  • Total wireless GPRS cellular network video security alarm system – self-po.
  • No cablesun.
  • Power supplied (72h lithium battery backup).
  • Remote Arming from – Home, Car or monitoring stations etc.
  • Remote or adjoined siren.
  • USFA & FCC certified and approved.
  • Daughter Wi-Fi board.
  • Weatherproof – from -30 degrees to + 60degrees.
  • IP65 rated.
  • Software upgradable remotely.
  • Polling.

How it works:

  • Upon the detection of violated/protected areas with the wide-angle camera/ PIR detectors; a ten (10) seconds video clip of the actual violation is automatically sent to the monitoring station in real time.
  • Wireless battery powered MotionViewer sends a 10-second video clip of the intrusion to the monitoring station for immediate dispatch and priority police response.
  • The monitoring agents or personnel can watch violation of protected areas in real time or playback mode to alert the police or other security agents.
  • Sends alert text messages and video clip to pre-programmed mobile phones within minutes
  • 2-way voice communication to announce intrusion to the criminals of their activities remotely; in real time to disorient the intruders/ burglars etc
  • Ability to monitor and protect open areas – over 1km from each panel.
  • Can be installed or configured as a ‘standalone’ burglar alarm system ‘or integrated to upgrade an existing ‘conventional’ burglary alarm system.
  • Suited for interior residential and commercial applications.
  • Delivers quicker police dispatch and response.
  • One (1) year equipment warranty.

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