Access Control

The use of only security guards for sentry patrol and duties in the 21st century to regulate and control access to commercial buildings, critical and sensitive departments of corporate organizations is fast becoming obsolete. The use of Access control and Bio metric Access control Solutions as a modern day tool and technological alternative to enhancing the security and safety architectures of both private and commercial buildings is fast becoming the norm.

Linkstride can provide not only increased personal security, but also timekeeping and attendance records for employers, with the added benefit of interfacing with any building fire alarm system. This provides a vital snapshot of exactly who is in the building at any specific time, information, which is vital for a fire roll call, in multi staff scenarios where in the event of an emergency, accurate records are imperative in saving lives.

Features of access control:

A keyless system – Choose from audio entry systems, video entry systems, smart card or keypad/PIN devices
Network or PC-based systems – Comprising a front-end PC connected to a network of door controllers and card readers, these are ideal for multi-door and/or multi-site installations
Smartcard technology – Extend the use of smart cards beyond physical access to include PC sign-in and vending machine purchases
Biometric technology – With biometric factors such as fingerprints very difficult to replicate, our systems use biometric technology to increase system security.

Benefits of access control:

They increase security – Protect your premises and staff. For enhanced protection, integrate access control with other security systems e.g. intruder and CCTV
They are cost-effective – Rather than simply open doors, our systems fully utilize your access system capability to improve ROI
They are flexible – We can tailor a solution to meet your needs whatever your business type, size, and expected growth forecast
They are easy to maintain and update – Regular servicing will maintain the performance of your system and ensure you enjoy the latest functionality available.

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