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Our competencies and values

Find out what drives us at Linkstride Ltd in our quest to achieve excellence in all we do.

We pride ourselves in our creative ability and professional service geared towards the delivery of standard engineering security and safety solutions relative to our peculiar power (NEPA) problems to guarantee our customers peace of mind. The use of dependable, reliable, durable and cost effective security and safety equipment required to meeting our client’s needs.

Engineering and design

At LINK-STRIDE, we consider “Everything”, all areas and aspect; we anticipate our clients exposed risk and hazards in our design; with special emphasis on “Loss “Control, Anticipation and “Prevention”

Our engineering solutions and designs are customer friendly, purposeful, effective and functional at all times with money back guarantee on every project we undertake.

Loss, Control, Anticipation and Prevention

Systems Integration

Our in-depth exposure to product knowledge and security and safety manufacturing companies world-wide; enable us build, design and integrates multiple systems together in our approach .We consider inherent strength and advantage available in other security or safety equipments to compliments the draw-back associated in others in such a creative manner that best provide our clients with the Security they need, the Safety they deserve.

Strategic Alliances

We enjoy enormous technical support from our local and foreign partners; the strategic alliance with the right foreign partner has been a very important part of our strength in the execution of our projects in the use of superior equipment coupled with our willingness and ability to adapt to technological changes; thus bringing immense value to our Customers and business partners.

We also enjoy sound synergistic relationships with various complimentary service organizations and professional bodies; particularly in the building and infrastructure development industry in Nigeria.

Project Implementation

At LINK-STRIDE, we take project implementations plans very seriously, we understand and know that without proper project management, we would waste resources which would eventually result to ware and tear.

At LINK-STRIDE, we make prompt delivery our major strength, no matter how noble a project is or its location. We know our responsibility and the nature of our service we render; we therefore, beleive in doing the right things at the right time, because doing it right the first time, enable us accomplish more. We believe in quick results and not prolonged activities which waste resources.

Our process and procedure in project implementations includes adequate project monitoring and control, high level commitment, attention to details, constant evaluation and re-evaluation of our projects, articulate documentations of our observations and staff’s management relative to time & budget.