Company Overview


Established on the 7th of March 2000, Linkstride Security Systems Ltd aim to provide top quality security and safety engineering standard in Nigeria; with special emphasis in Asset Protection, Crime Anticipation, Prevention and Control.

As one of Nigeria’s evolving technology and engineering solution providing company; we have in our quest to sustain ‘international’ best practices in the provision of ‘top’ quality and durable state-of-the-art security and safety engineering solutions tailored to meet our clients best interest; not only specialized in the deployment, supply and maintenance of ELV (extra low voltage), we have in our over 18 years working experience in the security and safety industry, maximize our partnership and business relationship with major security and safety manufacturing companies and stake-holders ‘world-wide’ in the ‘training and re-training’ of our engineering staff’s and team on newest security and safety technologies / inventions designed and developed to address all known 21st century security and safety ‘treats’ at pocket friendly prices and budget with money back guarantees.

Above the hype and euphoria of resounding “Profit margins” in business; the role and use of electronic state-of-the-art security and safety gadgets in commercial enterprise for protecting company assets from – sabotage, theft, burglary, pilfering, fire disaster, looting etc, cannot be over emphasized; in the preservation of such declaration.

Sales, Supply, Installation & Maintenance of the following:

  • Anti Robbery Service: Titan-B2 Multifunctional Pepper Spray Anti-robbery /Burglary Alarm system etc
  • Fire Safety : Addressable / Analogue conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Prevention Service: Industrial Fire hydrant , Hose reel, FM-200 Fire Suppression System, Fire Extinguishers etc
  • CCTV Surveillance Service: High profile CCTV surveillance cameras with Digital Video Recording solution–PTZ/ Fixed IP and analog digital cameras etc
  • Time Attendance/Access Control: PC-Based / Web-based – Access control and monitoring device etc
  • Automated Barrier Device: Automated Vehicle barrier system – Spike barriers, UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance systems) etc
  • Perimeter Protection Service: Electric Perimeter /Mesh fence systems
  • Glass Protection Service: Bullet proof Glass, Doors, Windows
  • Corporate/Personal Protection Service: Guard training, stun guns, pepper spray, batons, handcuffs, zapper, consultancy

At Link-Stride, we consider “Everything”, all areas and aspect; we anticipate our clients exposed to risk and hazards in our design; with special emphasis on “Loss “Control, Anticipation and “Prevention”

Our in-depth exposure to product knowledge and our relationship with security and safety manufacturing companies worldwide; enable us to build, design and integrates multiple systems together in our approach.We consider inherent strength and advantage available in other security or safety equipment to compliments the drawback associated with others in such a creative manner that best provide our clients with the Security they need, the Safety they deserve.

We are versatile and cost effective in our approach; such that any security or safety systems installed by us must be customer friendly, efficient, purposeful and appropriate at all times; because we know our responsibility, we believe that investment in modern-state-of-the-art electronic security & safety devices must be “Functional” and not “Decorative”.

Our customers can testify to the quality of our products, the reasonableness of our prices and the uniqueness of our installations and professional service.

The Security you Need, The Safety you Deserve

Our passion for a safe and secured Nigeria; opens our service to all, no matter the class or race.

In our strive to exceed our client’s expectations; we place special emphasis on the training and re-training of our technical crew on latest technological innovations in the Security and Safety industry on regular basis.

Our vision

To be the preferred security and safety engineering company in Nigeria; based on our MERIT and Professional Serve.

Our mission

To advance the standard and culture of dependable, reliable and durable security and safety solutions

Our guiding principles

How will we deal with our employees?

We see every employee as a stakeholder in the business; we treat them with respect, purpose, accomplishment, responsibility, knowledge, fairness, openness and trust, with rewards for creativity and excellence.

We work as a team, depending on each other accurate, committed and passionate “STRIDES” to “GREATNESS”.

How will we conduct our business?

We believe it can be done. We conduct our business with integrity, honesty and innovation in accordance with the highest industry standard.To Translate Product Knowledge Into Actions, Actions Into Routine, Routines Into Habit And Habit Becomes The Nature In Which We Provide Service To Our Customers.

To Translate Product Knowledge Into Actions, Actions Into Routine, Routines Into Habit And Habit Becomes The Nature In Which We Provide Service To Our Customers.

How will we relate to each other?

Inferior ideas give way to superior ideas; we express our points based on openness and engendering team spirit, putting the best interest of our customers as our priority.

How will we treat our environment and relate to community?

We interact with our community, in positively impacting them with enhanced benefits from our service as it relates to their immediate and future needs and development.

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